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The Life-enhancing, Life-extending
Values of Pleasure
The #1 antidote to stress is pleasure - any and all types of pleasure - and that means that pleasure is an extremely important age-defying factor in your life.

Unfortunately, most people seem to view experiencing pleasure as a rather simple proposition - you either do or you don't. But, what they don't know can hurt them.

They don't realize how "associated states" can enhance pleasure, or how "affective habituation" can decrease the pleasure of the exact same experience. They don't know, and therefore can't utilize, the two attributes of desire that are critical to fully experiencing pleasure. They're unaware of the six very common yet little know enemies of pleasure. And, they're unaware of the many practical techniques for cultivating more pleasure, such as "self-complexity," "consistency" and "opponent forces."

With so many little-known positive and negative factors influencing your ability to fully seize and fully experience health-promoting pleasures, you would think that the pursuit of pleasure would be a holistic art - and it is. It's called Holistic Hedonism, and it can help you fill every aspect of your life with age-defying, health-promoting pleasure.

You have so much more pleasure to be gained, so much more joy to add to your life and the lives of others, so many positive effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being that the quality and quantity of pleasure that you experience should not be left to chance. Learn to give pleasure the high respect it deserves by cultivating it through the art of Holistic Hedonism. Read More
About Drymouthcures.com
This web site is part of a network of health and holistic-related web sites owned and operated by The Holistic Arts and Sciences Network, Inc. The reviews and comments in this web site are by Frank Cleave, HASN president. So that you can better understand the perspective Frank brings to this site, here is a brief history of his experience with dry mouth problems.

"Despite being an avowed "health nut" for most of my life, in late 2003 I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. It had begun in my tonsils and spread two more tumors to the left side of my neck. Since it was a very advanced and aggressive cancer, in early 2004 I had just about all of the left side of my neck removed. Following surgery, I had radiation treatments every weekday for six weeks. The radiation treatments left me with what I would describe as moderate to sometimes severe dry mouth symptoms. My quest to find the very best dry mouth products, in addition to my background in the holistic health field and modest knowledge of herbs, led me to believe that others like me might benefit from a site like this.

These reviews are in no way meant to be 'scientific', and we are not advocating any products for financial gain. Nor should any reviews or comments be taken as medical advice. They are simply my opinions at the time. As you probably have already experienced, many factors come into play when coping with dry mouth: what you have eaten, what you have had to drink, other products that you have recently used (some products combine well with others; other combinations can have terrible consequences), etc... Plus, the cause of your dry mouth symptoms may have some bearing on what works best for you. Our objective is to simply increase your knowledge as to what options are available to you and to help guide you to choosing the very best treatment options for your own personal situation.

Good luck! And, please share your discoveries with the rest of us."

Head And Neck Cancer
If you have been diagnosed with head and neck cancer and wish to discuss it with someone who has been through it, you are welcome to email me to talk about it. This is a personal offer from me and has nothing to do with this web site or any other business interest.

Holistic Well-being
For information on how to easily and naturally unite your body, mind and spirit for the common good in every area of your life, thus promoting extraordinary mental, physical and emotional well-being, please visit our sister web site at www.Holistic101.com

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