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In The Game of Life,
It's Your Turn
In the game of life, it's your move. It always is.

What are you going to do with it?

The answer to that simple question will reveal your odds of winning, as well as the degree of
self-mastery you have over your own life.

Winning the game of life - and having true self-mastery - involves a simple process similar to that involved in playing any other type of game.

Commercial Dry Mouth Treatments
There are many categories of commercial dry mouth remedies or treatments on the market. These include:

Dry Mouth Gels
Dry Mouth Gum
Dry Mouth Liquids
Dry Mouth Lozenges
Dry Mouth Sprays
Dry Mouth Toothpaste
Dry Mouth Mouthwash
Saliva Substitutes

In general, commercial dry mouth products tend to focus on cleansing and moisturizing or coating your mouth, rather than actually stimulating the creation of saliva. On the other hand, while most of the herbs and techniques listed in our "Natural Dry Mouth Treatments" section actually help you produce more of your own saliva, they may not offer the cleansing or protection functions of some commercial products. Obviously, there's a place and a purpose for both types of treatments.

Natural Dry Mouth Treatments 

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