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Coping With Dry Mouth - Common Suggestions
Most web sites dealing with the topic of dry mouth offer basically the same list of common suggestions for coping with the problem. To help make our web site as complete as possible, we thought we should address these frequently suggested options.

Drink Plenty of Water
Frank's Comments: This is certainly a very valid suggestion that everyone should pay heed to. However, if you are like me, you find that the very act of drinking water flushes what little saliva or moisture that you have out of your mouth. Since I have to immediately turn to some other option to restore the moisture in my mouth, I find I really have to push myself to drink enough water.
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Suck On Ice Chips
Frank's Comments: At times this rather simple idea seems to work fairly well. However, if my mouth is already feeling pretty dry, sucking on ice chips doesn't do much good at all. Just as with drinking water, there is a big difference between your mouth being wet and feeling moist. If the membranes in your mouth feel dry and "pruny," sucking on ice will like make the situation worse.
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Chew Sugarless Gum
Frank's Comments: Chewing on sugarless gum used to be the main way I got through the day - especially if I was out of the house and other options weren't easily available. However, my dentist has warned me that the even sugarless gum can have "hidden sugars" that can be just as bad for your teeth. Since tooth decay can be a major side effect of dry mouth, I try to chew gum only when I'm outside or away from the house for long periods of time. Still, it's one of those products or treatment options that I would never want to be without. (See also our Commercial Products section for information on "dry mouth chewing gum.")
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Suck on Hard Rock Candy
Frank's Comments: I haven't tried this very often, so I'd really appreciate your comments. My hesitation is due to three factors: (1). I'm simply not much of a fan, especially when there can be chemical additives in the candy I'd rather do without. (2). I know certain kinds of candy, I believe including lemon, can turn acidic in your mouth, creating tooth decay problems. (3). I personally feel that whatever saliva that is generated from the chewing and sucking action is somewhat offset by the film or coating the candy leaves in your mouth, which kind of seals it off from becoming more moist.
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