Dry Mouth Lozenges
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Dry Mouth Lozenges

Thayers' Dry Mouth Lozenges
Product Claims: Thayers' lozenges, or tablets, are said to provide temporary relief of dry mouth symptoms using natural ingredients, including slippery elm and apple pectin. It contains no sugars or sodium.
Frank's Comments: When I first started experimenting with these lozenges, I was reasonably satisfied with the results, and I used them fairly regularly. Now, however, they simply don't seem to do much for me. Perhaps they don't mix well with something else I've been using before I try a lozenge.
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DMR - Dry Mouth Relief
Product Claims: Dry Mouth Relief is said to be a "natural supplement" that promotes oral comfort and helps promote normal salivary function.
Frank's Comments: I had forgotten that I had these lozenges until I began rummaging through a drawer looking to see if I had overlooked any products for this page. I just put one in my mouth, and here are my impressions: First, the lozenge is very, very tiny, so it better pack a punch. Second, it didn't pack much of a punch. In fact, it was literally gone in 60 seconds. However, it does seem like that tiny tablet might have actually stimulated some saliva. It might work, but I have only three lozenges left, and I doubt that I'd give it another try.
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Saleve Dry Mouth Soft Lozenge - Salese, Dentiva (see comments)

Product Claims: Sustained release oral hygiene lozenge provides long-lasting results. Let it disolve in your mouth. Don't bite or chew. Lasts up to an hour or longer.
Frank's Comments: I got two samples of this product from my dentist, and my initial results were very encouraging. First, the lozenge is one of the more refreshing products I've tried, and it stays reasonably refreshing from beginning to end. Better yet, it last a fairly long time. I had to spit out the second sample after an hour and a half because it was time to eat. If the cost is reasonable, I'll be buying more of this product. I do have one concern, however. The second lozenge looked like it had started to melt inside the package, so I'm wondering how well this product will hold up in your pocket or purse when it's very warm outside. One other rather strange note. The samples I received were in small packets stapled to a business card sized card. The packet itself calls the product "Saleve." One side of the card refers to "Salese," and the opposite side of the card refers to "Dentiva." All names appear at least to refer to the same product.
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Product Claims: OraMoist is a time released dry mouth patch/lozenge that has been specifically designed to "alleviate parched, dry mouths, moisten the mouth, and improve general oral health." It last for 2-4 hours, though some customers claim it can last through the night.
Frank's Comments: OraMoist gets our award for the strangest dry mouth product on the market. It is a lozenge or patch that essentially glues to the roof of your mouth after holding it in place for ten seconds. Why? This means that you can't swirl it around in your mouth to spread the relief or to stimulate saliva. It feels weird having something stuck up there. And, we don't even want to know what is being used to glue it in place. Odds are, it has nothing to do with keeping your mouth moist. On the plus side, we found the initial taste be somewhat pleasant and the moisturizing effect to be fairly effective. However, after about an hour's use, we tried drinking some water to see if it would wash away the tablet. It didn't, but it seemed to wash away both the taste and the moistening agent. Worse yet, when we decided to get rid of the patch, we had a very hard time doing so. It was really glued on tight, and even after a fair amount of scraping with a finger, there was still a small amount that I couldn't get off. Suffice it to say, I'm not a fan.
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