Dry Mouth And Digestion
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Dry Mouth Digestive Problems
It stands to reason that people with dry mouth symptoms would potentially suffer from poor digestion. After all, if you don't have any saliva to help break down your food during the chewing process, and you are diluting what little saliva you do have with water to wash down the food, your digestive process already has two strikes against it.

Surprisingly, it's very difficult to find any discussion of the problem, let alone a possible solution. This is probably due in part to the fact that most commercial products merely moisten or coat the mouth, thus not producing any natural saliva to aid in digestion. This should shift the focus to natural, herbal alternatives, but since there's little profit and/or exclusivity to these herbal treatments, they go largely ignored.

One commercial product we do use fairly frequently is Angostura Aromatic Bitters. Since a key ingredient is gentian, which is known for its ability to stimulate saliva, we typically take a teaspoon or so before meals. It's a stimulant for the appetite, and since the bottle claims that it will also reduce flatulence, that must say something for its digestive properties. While bitters are usually thought of as an ingredient in mixed drinks, the bottle claims you can add the bitters to an extremely wide variety of food. Thus, it may have the capability of stimulating your saliva while you eat. It may be worth a try.

Not surprisingly, most of the herbs mentioned in our herbal treatment section are said to be good for digestion. This is quite logical considering the fact that they all have the capability of stimulating saliva. You may want to experiment with some of these herbs to see if they can stimulate enough saliva to get you through eating without using as much water. Or, if you enjoy hot foods, try a little hot pepper sauce made with cayenne pepper directly on your food.

As usual, if you have any ideas to share, we'd love to hear from you.

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