Dry Mouth Gels
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Dry Mouth Gels

Product Claims: Orajel is said to moisten on contact, last for hours, reduce gum irritation, soothe and protect dry mouth tissues and promote oral healing. It also has a "patented antioxidant formula."
Frank's Comments: Orajel is probably one of the best known and readily available dry mouth products - and for good reason. This is the product I rely on to get me through the night because it's one of the longest lasting products on the market. I also use it when exercising - again, because it holds up so well. It's also reasonably pleasant tasting. Why don't I use it all of the time? First, because I prefer natural products that actually stimulate saliva production. And secondly, because it's so expensive. Where I buy it, a 1.5 oz. tube costs around $6.95, though the box often has a coupon for $1 off. Still, for long-lasting protection, I've found nothing else that comes close.
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Product Claims: This Biotene brand gel is said to soothe and protect dry mouth tissues against irritation, dry discomfort and burning sensations. It is also said to contain natural enzymes to inhibit odor-causing bacteria growth.
Frank's Comments: To me, Oralbalance is a step down from Orajel, which is fitting because, where I live at least, it costs about $2 less. I guess I would have to call it "effective, yet unimpressive." It seems a little thinner then Orajel, and it sometimes seems to "break down" in my mouth relatively quickly. Still, it does offer pretty quick relief, and it usually lasts longer than many other alternatives.
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