Dry Mouth Mouthwash
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Dry Mouth Mouthwash

Biotene Mouthwash
Product Claims: Biotene contains "four BIO-ACTIVE ENZYMES to boost and restore the defense system found in your saliva." It "cleans and refreshes and helps in the healing of minor irritations" without burning.
Frank's Comments: Biotene Mouthwash is gentle, relatively refreshing, relatively pleasant tasting and effective in providing dry mouth relief. I use it every night before going to bed, and I often use it after brushing my teeth, which is anytime I even look at food. It is a mainstay in my dry mouth treatment program. That said, my dentist said he would have to study the enzymes to determine if they truly provide any benefit, and he cautions that killing germs in your mouth doesn't necessarily equate to mouth or dental health.
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Product Claims: Manufactured by Nature's Answer, PerioWash is said to be a "natural cleansing oral rinse" that relieves dry mouth while promoting healthy teeth and gums. It contains a wealth of organic herbs, as well as Co-Q10 and folic acid.
Frank's Comments: I like PerioWash for several important reasons. First, there are many, many organic herbs in this product - herbs that I personally know have a reputation for promoting healthy teeth and gums. This stands in stark contrast to most commercial products that have ingredients that I've never heard of and that I feel somewhat uncomfortable putting in my mouth. This natural, herbal base also helps me feel more comfortable using PerioWash to relieve my dry throat by opening up the back of my throat when gargling. Also, this is one of the more refreshing dry mouth products on the market. I wish its effects lasted longer, but I probably should use it more frequently anyway. This seemingly little-known product is a winner in my book.
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Tom's Natural Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash
Product Claims: What makes this product stand out is that it is the only mouthwash we know of that is a "fluoride mouthwash for a dry mouth." It is used for cavity prevention, and it contains green tea and lemon-lime extract for fresh breath.
Frank's Comments: My dentist keeps trying to encourage me to try prescription level fluoride treatments, but rumors of a fluoride/cancer connection make me worry that that's how I got into this predicament in the first place. Tom's mouthwash is pleasant tasting, acceptably refreshing and seemingly a more "natural" alternative to the more mainstream, chemical laden fluoride mouthwashes. While I wouldn't use it solely as a dry mouth treatment, if it has enough fluoride to be successful in reducing cavities, it's one of the better options out there.
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JASON Sea Fresh
Product Claims: Sea Fresh is a "biologically-active" mouthwash containing organic blue green algae, organic aloe vera gel, sea salts, trace and ionic minerals and various herbs. It is said to help prevent bad breath while helping teeth and gums stay healthy.
Frank's Comments: There are no claims that Sea Fresh is a dry mouth treatment, yet this is the mouthwash I usually use before leaving the house for a long time. I would swear from its refreshing taste that the reason it helps with dry mouth is that it contains cloves, but, alas, cloves are not listed in the ingredients. Whatever the reason, it provides me with fairly long-lasting relief and the added comfort of knowing that I'm using a safe, natural product. Please Note: JASON Healthy Mouth mouthwash has very similar ingredients. Though I don't find it offers quite the dry mouth relief that Sea Fresh does, it you can't find Sea Fresh, you might want to give Healthy Mouth a try.
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Product Claims: Oasis, with "tri hydra" technology, is said to moisturize your mouth, lock in the moisture, balance ph and last for up to two hours.
Frank's Comments: Oasis certainly does lock in the moisture. Perhaps more than any other dry mouth product, it leaves the distinct feeling of a protective coating in your mouth, and this feature does make Oasis a fairly long-lasting remedy. On the downside, this coating effect seems to be so prevalent that it may interfere with your taste. And, since this strong coating effect makes it at least feel that a fair amount of the product is left in your mouth after gargling, this would seem to be at odds with the warning that the product should not be swallowed. Back on the plus side, it's one of the few products we've seen that balances ph.
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