Dry Mouth Sprays
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Dry Mouth Sprays

Thayers Dry Mouth Spray
Product Claims: This product is said to be "An all-natural solution that aids in the temporary relief of Dry Mouth ..." It's sugar free and has a "natural menthol flavor."
Frank's Comments: This spray may have a "natural menthol flavor," but I guess I'm just not used to eating menthol. I can't really say it takes bad, it just doesn't taste like something that belongs in your mouth. And, while it does indeed add some moisture, it's pretty unimpressive. (After waiting a few minutes, I guess I CAN say that it does tastes bad. I'm going to go wash my mouth out.)
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Oasis Moisturizing Mouth Spray
Product Claim: Oasis moisturizes your mouth and locks in that moisture. It has a "mild mint" flavor.
Frank's Comments: This product is very similar to the Oasis mouthwash. Again, its very strong coating action does provide fairly long-lasting relief, but that strong coating effect may interfere with your taste. Unlike the mouthwash, I don't see any warnings about swallowing the product, so that's an extra plus. The taste isn't bad, yet it is strong, and the coating effect is so noticeable that it's almost distracting. I see no mention that the spray balances ph, which is one of the benefits of the mouthwash.
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Stoppers-4 Dry Mouth Spray
Product Claims: Stoppers-4 Dry Mouth is said to not only provide relief from dry mouth, but dry throat as well. It can be used as often as needed and may be swallowed.
Frank's Comments: True to its claims, I just sprayed some Stoppers-4 into my mouth, and I do sense some dry throat relief. As for the rest of my mouth, while there is some noticeable relief, I can't say that I'm overly impressed. As for the taste, like most commercial products, it isn't necessarily bad, it just doesn't taste like something that belongs in my mouth. It's certainly not a bad product, but I wouldn't list it as a favorite either.
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Mouth Kote Oral Moisturizer
Product Claims: Mouth Kote offers long-lasting relief from dry mouth and throat with natural Yerba Santa. It is said to be a new class of oral moisturizer that "creates a homogeneous layer in the mouth that has a viscosity and lubricity similar to saliva." One double-blind clinical study showed that Mouth Kote was preferred by 83% of dry mouth patients over the other products tested. Mouth Kote is claimed to last up to five hours.
Frank's Comments: Due to the clinical study showing Mouth Kote was very popular with dry mouth sufferers, I was really looking forward to trying this product. However, my reaction to Mouth Kote has been mixed. On the plus side, Mouth Kote feels like saliva, not some gummy gel or greasy foreign substance in my mouth. And, it seems to work as well or better than most other products most of the time. On the downside, it seems like there are times when using Mouth Kote can actually dry the inner membranes of my mouth. For example, if I brush my teeth and don't thoroughly wash out the toothpaste with mouthwash, the Mouth Kote seems to react with the toothpaste to dry my mouth out. Secondly, I have a problem with its lemon-lime taste. Not that it taste bad or any worse than any other dry mouth product; I've simply come to the conclusion that products that try to taste like something they are not are, for lack of a better term, distracting. Instead of going about your business, your brain is saying to you, "Hey, I kind of recognize this taste, but something about it doesn't seem quite right." I wish all dry mouth products would stop trying so hard to taste great - the end result always tastes unnatural. With all that said, Mouth Kote is definitely worth trying. 
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Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray
Product Claims: Refreshens and moistens instantly. Contains three beneficial enzymes found in saliva to help maintain the oral environment and help provide protection against dry mouth. Sugar and alcohol free.
Frank's Comments: At first Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray seems reasonably refreshing with some chemical taste to it. Not bad; not good. However, for me at least, things quickly go down hill. The spray seems to quickly lose its refreshening quality, leaving my mouth still moist but with a "dry" or stale feeling/taste. Worse yet, the moisturizing effect doesn't seem to last very long. Within 15 to 30 minutes I need something else. I certainly wouldn't buy it again, and I probably won't use up the bottle.
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