Dry Throat
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Dry Throat

One symptom of dry mouth that is frequently overlooked is dry throat.

Since most commercial products merely moisten or coat the mouth, the throat receives little or no benefit. Thus, while your mouth may be experiencing some relief, your throat may still be a source of discomfort. For some, it may even be difficult to swallow.

Most herbal treatments stimulate saliva, so they have the potential to offer some relief. However, if the throat has been allowed to become too dry, the additional saliva caused by the herbs may not be sufficient to provide much relief.

The best alternatives would seem to be mouthwashes, since by opening the back of the throat you can get the product directly to the source of the problem. However, some caution is advised. Some mouthwashes have potentially hazardous chemicals in them and are never to be swallowed. Others simply are full of chemicals that you can easily do without.

Therefore, our favorite dry throat mouthwash is PerioWash. It's packed with health-promoting herbs, it has a refreshing taste, it's one of the better products for dry mouth relief and it's the best choice we've found for relieving dry throat discomfort. Our second choice would either be JASON's Sea Fresh or Healthy Mouth.

Two other products that advertise that they treat both dry mouth and throat are Stopper-4 and Mouth Kote. See the Dry Mouth Sprays section for information on these products.

As usual, we'd love to hear from you about your experiences in combating dry throat.

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