Healthy Gums
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Healthy Gums

Besides the discomfort of dry mouth, loss of saliva can lead to dental decay, brittle teeth and unhealthy gums. The following may help to promote gum health:

Green Tea
Usage: Many herbalists believe that green tea is a very valuable aid in promoting healthy gums. However, it is somewhat unclear how many cups of tea are necessary to be of benefit. Naturally, green tea is also well-known for it's anti-oxidant value in promoting overall health and well-being.
Frank's Comments: Years ago I had a dentist who would warn me of potentially serious gum problems every time I saw him. Then, I read about the benefits of green tea and began drinking two to four cups a day. After that, my dentist never again mentioned any gum problems. However, you should be aware that green tea has a high amount of oils in it that can severely stain teeth, and dry, brittle teeth may be even more prone to staining. My current dentist advises me that one or two cups a day shouldn't be a problem, but then the question is: Will just one or two cups a day provide that much benefit? Green tea is also believed by some to help fight cancer, but I've read that you need at least six cups to have any benefit. Therefore, I use the more concentrated supplements for this purpose.
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Product Claim: PerioRub is a "soothing gel for natural relief of tooth and gum discomfort." The gel is gently massaged around the gums with a cotton swab.
Frank's Comments: I haven't suffered any gum discomfort, but, since my wife ordered it by mistake, I thought I'd try it just to see what it is like. Actually, the gel is very refreshing and, whether it's the gel, the simple act of massaging the gums, or both, it does stimulate saliva fairly well. Perhaps most surprising, even without gum discomfort, the gel is pleasantly soothing.
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