Healthy Mouth
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Healthy Mouth

In addition to the discomfort, dry mouth can also make you vulnerable to other health problems related to your mouth. Chief among these are tooth decay, dry and brittle teeth, irritated or inflamed gums and bad breath.

Many dry mouth products boast that they kill germs, but this statement can be somewhat misleading. First, there are good and bad germs. Trying to kill every germ in your mouth is not only counterproductive; it's useless. We all have germs in our mouths, and that doesn't mean that we are going to become sick or infected. Therefore, the only germs we might have to be concerned with are those that cause bad breath. Most mouthwashes do a good job of controlling bad breath, but for the dry mouth sufferer, it pays to be a little pickier with your mouthwash. That means avoiding any mouthwash that has alcohol in it, since alcohol will further dry your mouth. And, it also means looking for mouthwashes that will not only combat dry mouth, but hopefully provide some health-promoting benefits as well. See our section on mouthwashes for more information.

My dentist advises me that a critical factor for promoting a healthy mouth in the face of dry mouth is maintaining a normal PH balance. An acidic PH can multiply tooth and gum problems caused by dry mouth. Surprisingly, after reading all of the labels of the dry mouth products reviewed on this web site, I've found none that make any reference at all to normalizing PH levels. Maintaining the proper PH balance also means avoiding most soda drinks and some citrus flavored hard candy. Naturally, for healthy teeth, all sugars should be avoided as well.

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