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The Life-enhancing, Life-extending
Values of Pleasure
The #1 antidote to stress is pleasure - any and all types of pleasure - and that means that pleasure is an extremely important age-defying factor in your life.

Unfortunately, most people seem to view experiencing pleasure as a rather simple proposition - you either do or you don't. But, what they don't know can hurt them.

They don't realize how "associated states" can enhance pleasure, or how "affective habituation" can decrease the pleasure of the exact same experience. They don't know, and therefore can't utilize, the two attributes of desire that are critical to fully experiencing pleasure. They're unaware of the six very common yet little know enemies of pleasure. And, they're unaware of the many practical techniques for cultivating more pleasure, such as "self-complexity," "consistency" and "opponent forces."

With so many little-known positive and negative factors influencing your ability to fully seize and fully experience health-promoting pleasures, you would think that the pursuit of pleasure would be a holistic art - and it is. It's called Holistic Hedonism, and it can help you fill every aspect of your life with age-defying, health-promoting pleasure.

You have so much more pleasure to be gained, so much more joy to add to your life and the lives of others, so many positive effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being that the quality and quantity of pleasure that you experience should not be left to chance. Learn to give pleasure the high respect it deserves by cultivating it through the art of Holistic Hedonism. Read More
In The Game of Life,
It's Your Turn
 In the game of life, it's your move. It always is.

What are you going to do with it?

The answer to that simple question will reveal your odds of winning, as well as the degree of
self-mastery you have over your own life.

Winning the game of life - and having true self-mastery - involves a simple process similar to that involved in playing any other type of game.

Natural Cures For Dry Mouth

Natural Herbal Remedies For Dry Mouth
I didn't realize until I began working on this web site that there is a major difference between almost all of the commercial dry mouth products and the several natural herbal remedies that I have discovered. The difference is this:

Almost all commercial dry mouth remedies attempt to mask the symptoms of dry mouth. Whatever dry mouth relief there is is typically created by adding a coating of artificial moisture to the mouth. On the other hand, most natural or herbal remedies for dry mouth actually stimulate the creation of saliva. This, of course, is the ultimate goal, and there is some hope that such continual stimulation of the saliva glands will, in effect, exercise them. It's the "use it or lose it" theory for treating dry mouth.

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Natural Techniques For Dry Mouth
Unless you have dry mouth, you probably don't give much thought to your saliva. However, in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, saliva is highly regarded as a vital fluid that's closely related to a person's digestive, sexual and overall health and well-being. Therefore, a few holistic techniques have been created to help stimulate the creation of saliva. If your mouth is really dry, these techniques may not be very effective. But, when you use them, for instance, with dry mouth herbal remedies, the effectiveness of these techniques is readily apparent.

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