Herbal Remedies For Dry Mouth
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Natural Treatments For Dry Mouth

Natural Herbal Remedies
While many commercial dry mouth products merely coat your mouth with moisture, most herbal dry mouth treatments actually stimulate the production of saliva. Please check with your doctor before using any natural home remedy for dry mouth.

Silica Gel
Usage: Simply take a teaspoon or so of the gel and swirl it around in your mouth before swallowing. Be sure to check the directions on the bottle for the appropriate one-time and daily dosages.
Frank's Comment: Silica gel as a dry mouth remedy came as a total surprise to me. My wife had mistakenly ordered the gel instead of capsules for use in an anti-baldness formula I was experimenting with. After grumbling to her about the mistake, I grudgingly took the not-quite-pleasant-tasting gel, only to realize later that I hadn't had any dry mouth symptoms for an hour or two. I've now been experimenting with silica gel for about three months, and, for me, there are very few treatments or products that are as effective or last as long. I'm not positive, but as time goes on it seems that my overall saliva production has increased as a result of taking the gel. I harbor some faint hope that it may somehow actually act as a dry mouth cure. (I recently ran across an advertisement for silica gel that claims "Silica is vital for binding water in our cells." Perhaps this explains how it helps to treat dry mouth.)
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Usage: Peel and chop up very small pieces of ginger - perhaps about the size of a small tooth. Then, roll it around in your mouth to start stimulating the flow of saliva. One you start experiencing sufficient moisture, you can lightly suck on the ginger or tuck it back into your cheeks. WARNING: Some people will find ginger to be very hot.
Frank's Comments: For me, the only problem with ginger is that if you don't use a piece fairly soon, it may dry up before you can use it. Therefore, you just can't chop up a bunch of ginger and use it whenever you need it. Yes, this is a small inconvenience, but when my mouth starts getting dry, I usually turn to whatever treatment is most readily available. Still, I find ginger to be an effective, pleasant and fairly long-lasting dry mouth treatment. Note: If you can find ginger liquid herbal extract, especially without an alcohol base, this may be a more convenient option to try. Also, for a very short time I began experimenting with ginger Altoids, but I haven't been able to find them in any local stores for quite some time.
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Usage: Simply put 4-5 whole cloves in your mouth, swirling them around or sucking on them until they lose their effectiveness.
Frank's Comments: Cloves seem to be fairly effective in stimulating saliva, and they can make your mouth feel a little fresher than some of the other alternatives. If there is a downside, it's that sometimes when you are finished with the cloves your mouth can actually feel less fresh and a little dryer.
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Cayenne Pepper
Usage: (Warning: If you are sensitive to hot foods, you may not want to try this.) Wet your finger on your tongue and press it into some ground cayenne pepper. This should pick up just enough pepper (not much is needed) to swirl it around in your mouth with your finger.
Frank's Comments: People I've told about this look at me as if I'm crazy, and, if they don't like hot foods, I guess I can't blame them. Still, cayenne pepper stimulates more saliva than anything else I have ever tried. Sometimes it actually creates an excess of saliva. The downside, besides the heat, is that once the saliva subsides, your mouth may feel a little dryer than when you started.
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Gentian Herbal Liquid Extract
Usage: Five to ten drops swirled around your mouth is usually enough to do the trick. Again, be sure to pay attention to single and daily dosage limits.
Frank's Comments: Gentian extract can be very difficult to find, especially extract that's not based in counterproductive alcohol. Still, this herb is fairly well know for stimulating saliva. As an alternative, you might want to try Angostura Aromatic Bitters. Gentian is a main ingredient.
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Usage: Try it in a tea or possibly as a regular herbal supplement.
Frank's Comments: According to Chinese herbalists, dendrobian is very highly valued for it's ability to create copious amounts of saliva. I've tried it in a tea, sometimes with licorice (Honeymooners' tea) and by itself as a tea or by simply dabbing some in my mouth. So far, I haven't had much success, and since it can be very difficult to find, I really haven't pursued it as much as I probably should.
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American Ginseng Liquid Extract
Usage: Try swirling ten or so drops around in your mouth. Again, be sure to follow single and daily dosage recommendations.
Frank's Comments: When I first tried American ginseng extract I was really excited. It was one of the first herbs I tried for dry mouth, and it seemed to be a breakthrough treatment. I'm not sure if that first bottle had an alcohol base, but my most recent experiments with an alcohol base haven't been as encouraging. I intend to keep experimenting.
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Usage: Drink and enjoy responsibly.
Frank's Comments: When I'm drinking beer, my dry mouth problems temporarily disappear. Nothing seems as refreshing to me as beer. It's probably due to the hops, which some people say stimulates saliva. Of course, don't overdo it. Experts suggest two per day as the maximum.
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Grapeseed Oil:
Usage: Take just enough to swirl around and coat your mouth.
Frank's Comments: Since many dry mouth products coat your mouth to seal in whatever moisture is there, I started experimenting with many oils to see if they might have similar effects. I've finally settled on grapeseed oil as one of my most frequently used tools for fighting dry mouth. Here's why: (1). It does a pretty good job of coating your mouth and keeping it moist for a reasonable amount of time - especially if you occassionally swirl your tongue around your mouth to creature more saliva. (2). It has no chemicals to worry about what they might be doing to you. (3). It's a very healthy product. It is the highest oil in linoleic acid. It is very high in vitamin E. And, it's low in saturated fat. It's great for cooking and using as a massage oil as well. In fact, it is frequenly used as a massage oil and as a skin moisturizer because it is known to be very quickly absorbed into the skin - perhaps a reason it is so effective in helping to coat the mouth.(4). The oil has a light, somewhat nutty taste to it. (4). It's per ounce cost is likely to be much lower than the cost of any commercial dry mouth product. I use a small amount at least several times a day, but I can't rely on it totally.
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